Toilet train your cat

To change your cat´s behavior in order to be toilet trained is a very simple procedure.
Placing the Traininig Kit  on the cup of the toilet your cat will begin, in a natural way, to use it as its new litter box. Little by little you will be changing the trays that are opened with holes, and instinctively your pet will place its foot on the seat of the watercloset in order to get the correct position. Once you  remove the last hole tray your cat will have been toilet trained.!!

The Traininig Kit includes a manual of instructions where all the steps are specified, as well as a series of tricks and advices.

Benefits from toilet train your cat

• Do not buy litter anymore. Save an average of 150 € per year.

• Do not experience anymore the cleaning of a litter box full of excrements.

• Say good bye to the bad smells produced by the litter box and the dregs of your cat.

• Suitable for cats of all weights and ages (from 3 months of age).

• Quick training process( from 5 to 8 weeks).