Frequently asked questions

There are some questions you may wonder when it comes to toilet train your cat.

Servicat is made of one principal tray, and 4 aditional trays that join the main tray. You can go back and forth in the process depending on your cat´s pace. The main advantage of Servicat is that it last 5 small steps in order to ease your cat´s change of behavior.

Yes. But you have to be sure before, that they use the same litter box. You have to begin from here and follow always the pace of the cat that goes slower in the process. Do not force them to go faster.

Normally around 5 to 8 weeks, it will depend on every cat.

Any age is good, though we recommended that the cat should have at least 3 months of age, since the youngest cats still do not have the sufficient balance and coordination.

Surely not. Servicat can hold weight up to 10 kgs. Most of the cats weigh between 4 and 7 kg.

Yes. Servicat mates and removes from the watercloset with absolute facility and rapidity.

Yes. Servicat fits on any toilet measurement, except square ones.

Although Servicat has a few eyelashes to prevent litter to fall in the toilet, your cat would probably push some litter scratching to cover its dregs. For that reason we recommend flushing often, if possible, in every use.